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Empower and Inspire Future Builders of the World.

Kids Turning Corners, Inc. is pursuing its mission to help build a stronger and healthier community for middle school, high school and college students of color.

We strive to uplift, empower and motivate adolescents and young adults from disadvantaged communities to be inspired by all the possibilities in life. We provide a broad range of services and programs that create maximum impact using our three pillars of success: Uplift, Empower, Motivate. Within these pillars are the essential elements of human development, leadership, and emotional well being.


We encourage individuals to become active in family and community by providing supports to enhance their self-esteem, self-confidence and establish a positive self-image that prepares them for success and the ability to achieve their dreams.

Core Programs

Our programs help adolescents, young adults, and their families understand they're not defined by their emotional and behavioral issues.

Roots & Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Program
Addressing STEM Under representation
Providing Real-World Interaction
Reducing Stress

Loving Exercise & Nutrition!
Preventing Obesity
Physical Activity Is Key

APEX: The Highest Point
Impact: Creating A Strong Effect

Get Involved!
We would love to work with you. Inquiries about partnership or volunteer opportunities with KTC can be discussed via email or phone! You can also submit a contact/inquiry form through our website, which is listed below.

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