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We are passionate about applying a personal touch to our expertise by sharing life experiences about trauma, personal bias, leadership, and emotional well-being.


Shani Saxon, LMSW
Founder & CEO

Shani Saxon is the owner and clinical provider of Turning Corners Consulting, Inc. where she provides consulting services and emotional/behavioral counseling to individuals, agencies and groups.


Shani is also a clinical instructor at Michigan State University-School of Social Work, co-adviser to the Students for Social Work Activism & Advocacy Group and Field Instructor for Undergraduate & Graduate students across Michigan who are learning macro and policy work through their internship with My Brother’s Keeper and One Love Global.


Marya Sosulski, PhD, MSW

Marya Sosulski is a faculty member in Michigan State University’s School of Social Work. Dr. Sosulski teaches classes on social welfare policy and community organizing to undergraduate, Master’s, and doctoral students. Her research focuses on the experiences of individuals and communities as agents in undertaking journeys of personal growth and social change.


Dr. Sosulski has over 20 years of experience in community education on social issues and social action, specifically addressing the consequences of implicit bias, race-, and gender-based privilege and oppression.

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